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Blended City is a production house of creativity. Our mission is to support and connect non-traditional artists in disadvantaged communities by providing a multidisciplinary space to create.

Our platform provides opportunities to teach, workshop, showcase, and produce new work within NYC’s performing arts community.

With a strong focus on the work of Latinx, LGBTQ+, and female-identifying creators, we offer artists of all races, genders, sexual orientations, social classes, and physical abilities a safe and encouraging space to express their lived experiences. We accomplish this mission by curating and producing in-person and virtual multi-arts events, including Off-Off Broadway plays, staged readings, and monologue showcases; open mics; performance festivals; film screenings; visual arts showcases; literary readings; and educational workshops. We offer in-person programs at a variety of performance venues, arts centers, and outdoor locations throughout NYC’s five boroughs, as well as virtual events through such platforms as Zoom and Google Meet. As advocates for the use of theatricality, artistry, and self-expression as uniting forces for artists and audiences of all backgrounds, we offer our programming for free or low cost to all members of our extended communities.


Blended City’s core values distinguish us from the rest of the industry because we like to keep things on TRACK. We take pride in our values since they are the pillars of our organization, relationships and community.


Honesty and communication leads to understanding and when we understand one another, we can effectively and efficiently work together to get things done.


When dealing with different types of individuals, artistries and cultures; we have to actively keep a level of decency and reverence in order to do our work and provide a safe space to create and collaborate. 


The right mind set, the right energy and the right vibes keeps things fresh and fun, so we can move forward gracefully in a more just, sustainable and progressive society. 


Teamwork and collaborations help define an organization and we at Blended City strive to connect and support artists to build a genuine network of relationships, audiences, and community members we serve.



Learning from others and others learning from you is a beautiful step in growth and building yourself to be a better you. We are always striving to obtain more than what we knew yesterday, so we stop, listen and learn.



Ashley L. Canfield (she/her)

Co-Founder & Artistic Director

Ashley is a Bronx born Nuyorican producer, director, writer, podcaster and small business owner. She is an advocate for the work of female identifying, Latinx, and socially underserved artists. Ashley has a passion for storytelling and creating art. Recently, she wrote and directed the short play ‘Papi’, which won the First-Place “Best of Fest” award in the 2021 Nuyorican Poets Café Theater Festival.

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Nick Luis (he/him)

Co-Founder & Artistic Director

Born & raised in NYC, Nick is a queer and gay Latinx individual who graduated from CUNY Baruch College with a Masters in Arts Administration. He is a producer, actor, published poet and meditation teacher. He seeks to bring people together through art and storytelling in order to foster cultural exchanges and promote a more progressive and connected society. His recent producer credits include co-producing the hit Broadway musical 'Come From Away'.

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Barbara Mclean (she/her)

Board Chair

Barbara is an activist, performer, podcaster and entrepreneur. She has been a tireless advocate for survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Barbara holds an MA in Social Policy. In 2016, she founded Barbara McLean Consulting where she assists small nonprofits in achieving their dreams.  Barbara’s unique combination of education and experience has helped many organizations find their own unique voice.

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Chanel Haliburton (she/her)

Board Member

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Chanel is a collaborative, creative and strategic leader who currently serves as the Senior Director of Community Engagement at Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. She has worked with various organizations, both domestically and internationally, in the areas of youth development, public health, civil liberties, education and community development. She is known for her ability to scale complex projects, while building capacity and systems that center equity.

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Jason Quinones (he/him)

Board Member

Jason, born and Raised in Spanish Harlem, New York is of Puerto Rican descent and was raised by hearing impaired parents. He served as General Manager for over 10 years at the Nuyorican Poets Café. He has a wealth of experience in long-range financial and organizational planning, strategic planning, and project management. His ongoing commitment to integrity in the arts, arts advocacy and inclusion is deeply rooted in him.

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Bridging the cultural gaps of the world through representation in art.

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